100pulse.com - Free Website Monitoring Service

An online web monitoring service for commercial and other websites. 100pulse.com is a free online service aimed at webmasters who want their website or web server to be up and always running and also reduces the cost to company for monitoring individual website’s uptime/ downtime performance.

100pulse.com is a free Website Monitoring service to check the websites availability for uptime/downtime, response time, etc from a customer view point. Just hosting a website cannot get you business; you got to ensure its instant availability and also its availability all the time. This free website monitoring service addresses this requirement.

User has to register with 100pulse.com to monitor Uptime/ Downtime performance of their websites or web servers at regular time intervals (frequency of 5 minutes to 3 hours). Apart from this, user can also specify when the alert message has to be sent. The alert message can be set to be sent for the first or second or third http request failure. The performance report of a web site/ web server that is being monitored can be obtained through email and RSS feeds on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Features of 100pulse.com

  • Easy way to detect your website's availability quickly and more effectively
  • Two website credit free for life time and you can save $120USD/ year
  • Cheapest server response monitoring service
  • You can Monitor with 5 min interval
  • Instant alert when ever your website/ web server goes down
  • No software installation needed
  • Periodical Reports depends on user selection
  • Easy way to analize your website performance through graphs of Uptime and Downtime
  • Easy payment modes
  • Secured data transfer