Zxc9.com - URL Shortening and Redirection Service

A very useful URL shortening site to hide your affiliate links and to make a long URL short. If any URL is to be shortened, it should be simple and easy to be remembered by the user. A short URL will have a unique key for the users’ URL, along with the URL of the URL shortening service provider. The very purpose of these short urls is to redirect the original long URL when clicked.

Forecasting the growing need for short URLs, HIOX Softwares has come up with its online URL shortening service through ZXC9.com. Among the numerous redirection methods used, ZXC9.com uses the 301 redirection which redirects the long URLs permanently.

Get the total number of clicks on each and every short URL you created and know what links that you have used are most viewed. Apart from this, the user can also use this service from igoogle.

Most easy option that a user can have is to embed the API code to their websites so that URL shortening and redirection can be done as and when needed.