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Tufing.com - Free Chat Room With No Login

Released On : 09-09-2011

Tufing.com (Totally Unique and Fun-filled Internal No-login Groupchat) is a unique, no login, free online live chat, ideal for a group of people who share the same IP. It is a secured, open chat room which can be used for internal discussion or chatting within a group, company, organization, college, etc.

The discussions on tufing.com works based on IP address. No registration or login required to chat with the people of same network. It is a group chat and any number of people, who share the same IP (or same network), can participate in the discussion and all the conversations will be displayed in the site. These live discussions/conversations of people participating in the chat room can be viewed only by people who are under same IP. It is a completely secured, discussion room as an external party (other network) cannot view or participate in the discussion.

Though the conversation taking place in tufing.com is restricted to one particular network under the same IP, the site provides the flexibility to view the content from external IP if required. You can save the chat transcripts you require with any name and can be retrieved even from external IP by just searching with the name you saved.

The site now provides option to create a profile of your own. You can even make your profile public so that your updates will be displayed to other users as well. All the tuffs you posted can be viewed from your login. You can also retuff the tuffs posted by others.

Utilize this wonderful and secured no login chat room for the internal conversations within your company or a group of friends with same IP.