Tofocus.info - Internet Statistics

The website holds the statistical information about the internet usage around the World. Scroll through the site and find ideal countries and people to focus upon to promote an English content website or any other content specific website. The site gives the complete statistics or stats about Internet usage population of all countries and also the information regarding what their search is.

World Population stat is estimated as 650 Crore/ 6.5 billion people (as of 2006). Out of the 6.5 billion people, only 1 billion people use Internet. This 1 billion or 100 crore people are the main target to focus for any of the content specific websites.

Asia has the highest web user population which is about 50% of the world web user population and is expected to grow at a rapid rate. India and China, in Asia, being the fastest growing economies is one of the main reasons for the rapid growth of Asias internet user population. Apart from Asia, the USA has the most web user population.

The site holds complete internet statistics or stats of countries with best focus rating, worst focus rating, moderate focus rating and unknown focus rating.