Sitemapxml.net - Free XML Sitemap Generator Tool

Sitemap xml file is the life line for any website in the internet. This file informs the search engine crawlers about the web pages that need to be crawled by the search engines like google/ yahoo.

sing Sitemapxml.net, a site map xml file can be created with ease. It can be created from the free xml sitemap generator tool by free downloading. Just select the frequency at which the website will be changed, i.e. the last modified date. This generator tool requires the complete URL of the website to generate the sitemap xml file for free, either in XML or ROR format. These formats that can be instantly submitted to Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Many people have websites, but are unaware of the simple site map xml generator tool that can be used effectively to manage the search engines like google, yahoo and other crawlers.

Site map xml for the websites can be downloaded free without any hidden cost. The flexibility of this file is that it can be downloaded in three formats such as ROR, text, XML which suits the need of web masters with websites in different platforms. With proven results in the search engines’ searches, the sitemap xml file can do wonders to your website’s ranking.