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  • Quick and easy to use for small companies
  • Handle the cash in hand of your organization
cash management software as service

Cash Book for Accounting Management

Cash book is a free management software for handling the small cash in hand of your organization. This service helps you in effective accounting of small receipts and expenses in a single report. It is a simple website designed solely to assist you in knowing the money remaining in hand, expenses incurred for a particular item, cash received, etc at any particular point of time.

Multiple Companies Management

You can manage the accounting details of more than one company at a time. Create as many as companies in your login and generate individual reports for each one.

Easy Data Modification

Data entered for expenses or income can be modified anytime and updated for new details in this free accounting software.

Five Types of Reports

Cash book provides five types of reports such as Expense Report, Closing Balance, Groupby Report, Receipt Report and Cash-in-Hand report.