Salarypayroll.com - Salary Payroll Management Service

Released On : 08-10-2012

Online payroll management system assists firms to administer the salary details of employees and accounting related tasks. Salarypayroll.com proffers payroll management as a service for a corporate to manage its payroll process impeccably.

For a firm with numerous branches or subsidiary concerns or even the conglomerate firms can utilize the service to manage and control the salary, attendance, allowances and leave details of an employee.

Separate login id is provided to employer and employee. Even an employee of a firm is eligible to look out his attendance, salary, leave details through a unique login id. Employer can make use of the existing options to alter the settings of the service.

Notice the overall reports that is, loan, leave, attendance, allowance, deductions and feedback of workers once the entire details were included in the system. Online system added with several features will undeniably helps a concern to maintain the salary, allowances, deductions, leaves and tax information of employees efficiently.