Phponlinechat.com - PHP Online Chat Software

Released On : 18-07-2011

Phponlinechat.com is a quality provider of online php chat software. It is a simple and customized tool used for interaction between two parties (like client and customer support) which is specially designed for php based websites.

The software provided by phponlinechat.com can run on any server (Windows or Linux) if you have php and mysql. It is a one-time purchase and can be installed and run easily on your website.

This interactive chat software allows creating multiple departments which can help direct the query to the respective department and multiple operators in every department so that no query from the client is missed. This online chat also allows viewing the current chats, current operators online, login and logout timing of the operators, etc.

The clients/customers, in this chat, have an option to rate the performance of the operator which will help to track the performance of an operator. Also, you can track the call history like number of chats answered, not answered, rejected, etc which can be viewed either operator-wise or department-wise.

Utilize the unlimited features of this chat software from phponlinechat.com.