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Released On : 02-12-2010

A repository where the latest news of the world are captured and presented in detail to the public. Newsreporter.in is a news site in which the important news stories, details of various events of the world related to all the fields, and all the news related information are brought and presented from India as and when it happens.

You can know about the important news stories, latest news, changes taking place in the government, politics, election commission, sports, etc with the latest updates, from India. Find the world news, local news and also the ones related to your locality and interest. Apart from the political and sports events, the site also provides up-to-date information about entertainment news also. The site presents the latest news about movies, film industry, celebrities life, movie reviews, etc.

Newsreporter.in is designed with the intention of making the breaking news, important news and events readily available to public, from India, in a simple language for anyone to understand. It provides only the reliable information as newsreporter.in has sources in ample places which give the first-hand data and latest news of the incidents.

Newsreporter.in has a dynamic team working around the clock to ensure all the important events, latest news and headlines of the world are captured and published for the public without causing any delay. The site also allows the users to add comments on the news articles.

Find out what is happening in your city, state, country and in the world through newsreporter.in, a news site from India.