Indianballot.com - Updates on Indian Election Results

Released On : 02-05-2011

Indianballot.com is a website to know everything about the Assembly elections taking place in India. The site provides all the information about the Indian Assembly elections result which ideally takes place once in five years in India. One can find the end to end details about politicians, parties, players in the elections, results, etc.

The site provides the state-wise election details, results, the parties and alliances contesting, candidates participating from various parties, independent candidates, number of votes secured by candidates and parties, winning and losing parties of various states, etc.

You can view the details and results of the Indian Assembly elections state-wise, district-wise and party-wise. You can filter a particular region or search for a particular candidate to know what the result is. The number of votes secured by each candidate contesting in each constituency is also provided in this site.

The graphical representation of the Assembly election results are also displayed in the site. You can know the percentage-wise details of various alliances, parties, etc. The most interesting site to know about the elections, results and the next ruling party of the state.