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Funmin.com - Play Free Online Games

Released On : 24-08-2006

One of the largest online fun javascript games site for free downloadable PC games, sports games, massive multiplayer games, action games, puzzle games, Javascript games and flash games. Download games or play free online games.

Free Online games include Tower of Hanoi, World Map, Treasure Island, N-Puzzle, Bulls and Cows, and lots more. Downloadable games include Half Boil, Wise Picker, Magic Square, Koodu, tic-tac-toe, pegged game, etc. You will find all the downloadable games, javascript games and flash games very exciting to play. Bulls and cows is an interesting and entertaining code-breaking logical game.

Online Computer games have evolved from the simple graphics gameplay to a wide range of more visually advanced 3D games. Entry of 3D graphics libraries such as DirectX and OpenGL has made a revolution in the industry of games development.

Funmin.com team has created excellent online gaming world of flash, puzzle and javascript games. It is on its way of developing free 3D games such as war games, shooting games, sports games and other traditional and cultural games for the site.