Bodyparticles.com - Elements in Human Body

Released On : 06-07-2012

A wonderful resource to know and understand the elements present in the human body. Bodyelements.com lists all the elements in the site as categorized in the periodic table – highlighting the ones which are present in the human body. You can find all the information of any element in the periodic table. The site presents the details of any element along with the image.

You can find the basic details like symbol, weight, group and other physical properties of the elements. The sources where the elements are present, its uses and other forms of that particular element can also be found in the site.

Apart from the general information of the elements, you can also find the percentage an element’s presence in the human bodies. You can compare the total percentage of the element’s presence in the universe, earth crust and ocean, with its presence in the human bodies. You can also find the ideal amount of the particular element that should be present in the human body and the diseases caused due to increased or decreased presence of the same.

Bodyelements.com also provides with a chart which displays the elements that compose the human body, along with the percentage, the percentage of its presence in universe, earth crust and ocean. Get your mind enriched with the useful information about elements and its presence in human bodies with the help of bodyelements.com.